Monday, 2 February 2009

Clip Shows are Hard!

Once again we've been delayed in getting a show out because of this blasted clip show we intended on releasing as our 1st anniversary show. Well in true BlockStack fashion we've managed to bite off more than we can chew (for now) as it seems doing a clip show is actually really really hard!

You wouldn't think it would be considering most sitcoms tend to slot in a clip show whenever it seems like they all want a week off or if there's a strike of some kind. It should be a doddle to knock one of these out right? Wrong. It's a day off for the actors of sitcoms (in this case Tom and myself) but it's a freakin nightmare for the editors and researchers of the clips (Tom and myself...((mostly me))) having to pour over more than 55 hours of footage (see previous blog post for stats) just to find all of the funny bits and of course the outtakes that never even made it to a show.

Let me add to the difficulty by admitting that I archived all of our footage to my big server computer which happens to live in my loft. Why is that a problem? It's a problem because my loft has no heating and if you hadn't noticed, it's cold outside. It is therefore very very cold inside my loft making working in there limiting if you value fingers and toes.

So the decision has been make to crank together more BlockStack episodes...Hooray!! but make them shorter and more bite sized...good!(?) and do the 1.5 year anniversary show in the summer when it's nice and warm and worth a nice lofty lounge editing session.

I promise it'll be 1.5 times funnier as well.