Friday, 13 July 2012

GB Open Advance to the Final

Wow, just wow. 

GB vs Sweden was quite a game. Sweden had a big zone that really made GB O work hard for their points never the less approaching the half GB had worked their way into a 8-5 lead. But the Swedish zone was just getting going. Crushing the life out of the O line handlers and making 3 points of their own to tie it up at 8-8. 

GB scored their O point to take the half but it was very tense through the half with the game poised on a knife edge. 

Sweden made the best start to the second half taking an 11-10 lead. The game got a bit choppy with lots of calls. The instant replays were great for showing which one were good calls and which weren't. But GB held their nerve to pull back to 14-13 up Matt Parslow scoring points, 11,12, 13, and 14. Game to 15. 

GB had a real heart attack inducing point at 13-14, with the victory in sight the D line worked hard to get the blocks but then made crazy rushed decisions and gave the disc back to the Swedes enough for them work it in. 14-14 sudden death. 

We sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the solid Swedish zone to set themselves up again. But what's this, the Swedes go for a man D. GB adapt immediately for which they should be congratulated. GB displayed a very calm confidence in making 8 swift clean passes for the easiest looking score of the game the Swedes barely saw the disc. Parslow was involved again this time as the assist provider, a short pass to the fast cutting Matt McDowell, but it was a team point, a team victory. 

GB open exploded onto the pitch to celebrate as is their right.

The final will be played at 7am UK time on Saturday morning. Get some buddies over and enjoy.

Possibly the best $5 you'll ever spend. 

For those of us watching the game in the UK it was an interesting experience. The NGN coverage is technically brilliant, the pictures are sharp and stream well on any connection, you can pick the quality to match your connection speed. I was very impressed. The replays and graphics are also a professional effort. 

The commentary (and I might be biased here), while very knowledgeable, struggled to convey the emotion and passion of the action on the pitch. While the players were screaming, rejoicing, the fans and sideline bursting with delight, the commentary could have been reporting on golf. Also considering the number of people commenting on social media it was disappointing that there didn't seem to be any way of communicating with the men with the mics. 

One of the best parts of the experience was the virtual GB sideline which sprang up on the Blockstack TV Facebook page. Lots of people talking about the game but also offering practical technical advice to solve problems. The banter was exceptional and I look forward to doing it again during the final. is the place to go. 

For the twitter fans out there the pace and visibility of the facebook interaction made it more enjoyable in my view. 

Off to bed now. 


Thursday, 12 July 2012

GB Open Progress to Semi's at WUGC - Watch Live

If you haven't been following the action in Japan (it has been quite hard) then you'll be pleased to hear that our GB Open team is doing rather well. They are currently awaiting a semi final on Friday morning against European rivals Sweden.

You can watch the game live at

The game was originally scheduled for 3am (11am Japan time) but had been moved forward to 1am (9am Japan time)

Why not stay up and join in the banter and chat at

Myself (@tomstyles) and Steve Giguere (@stevegiguere) will be staying up and keeping the social media hot. Please join us online for what could be an historic evening - GB in a worlds final.

If they do win tonight's semi, the final is 3pm on Saturday Japan time which is 7am Saturday morning UK time. Keep up. 

Other Divisions

GB Women are in the 5-8 bracket and face Germany, then either New Zealand or Australia in their last games.
GB Mixed team are in the 5-8 bracket and face France, then either Philippines or Germany in their last games.
GB Open Masters team beat France to take 5th place after struggling in the group stages against the big guns of USA, Canada, Japan, and the Aussies
GB Women's Masters team face Germany in their final 5-6 placement game. 

Cheers for now

Tom Styles

Blockstack TV (department of just checking photos and stats)

Please forward  so we can get some support for the team online tonight.