Thursday, 16 April 2009

Signing off from Paganello 2009

Myself and Steve have been back in the UK for a couple of days. As is
customary with these things our final Paganello episode took quite a
lot of putting together. But it is live now and we both agree it's one
of the best episodes of we've ever made.

If you have trouble explaining to your buddies at work why you look
tired, tanned, but ultimately content on the Wednesday after Easter,
sending them a link to should make things much

As always we'd love to hear your feedback. is the
email for all your comments.

There are a few people we need to say thank you to. Firstly our
partners in crime Linz Wilkinson and Tony Leonardo for their hard work
and support. The whole Paganello family, Jumpi, Bunny, Rambo, Rafa,
and the whole Rimini ultimate scene, for their support and assistance. To Mick
Mengucci, for the use of his music. To
all the players and teams who gave us interviews, and encouragement. will be back in the summer.

So long until then.

Tom and Steve

Friday, 10 April 2009

Paganello 2009 Friday

Officially, Jumpi apologizes for not having enough Vino Rosso on Thursday night, suggesting that the plebians under him failed to satisfy the thirsty crowds and will be executed.

For anyone who came to Paganello last year, today was an apology for the weather of the 2008 event. A tad foggy but generally we were all blessed with what could be arguably called perfect Ultimate weather.

The Open division went to plan unfortunately making a slow news day for us. The crowd were enthused and baying for an upset in the early Boracay vs Scandal clash. The match started off close to 5s before Scandal was able to pull away without difficulty. The Dragons did still provide a fulfilling dose of the dynamic style of play for the cheering crowd, complimented by Paga love child and Ulti-Author Tony Leonardo’s freakish height and facial fur. The Dragons first created interest with their unexpected finals appearance more than a year ago in Maceio Brazil. Seeded an almost intentionally humble 25th they will continue to be the official dark horse throughout the early stages of the tournament. Meanwhile, Jumpi is pregnant with a bambino Paga, again.

Also in the Arena fans got to see the French Friselis take an 11-9 over the Finns on Hattitwat until Hattitwat brought it to 11s, next point wins. After a Friselis turnover, Hatti had the disc to win but could not and Friselis escaped to win. Tomorrow they will move up to play Los Ox and UTI.

In the Women’s division, the favourites stayed on top, although fourth seeded The Have needed double game point to escape the Spanish-Japanese Nadeshiko. The Have are a phoenix from the ashes of a series of top British female Paganello champions including Bliss and Cake or Death. Top seed “That’s It” remained on top and even recruited a young bambina, 12 years old, from Bologna to play with them. However the girl decided to stay with the Bologna juniors team. Word from Fatima on “That’s It” is that their name comes from the comedian/musicians Flight of the Conchords’ song Business Time. The girls of Super Hot Pot would like to make it crystal clear that the word Pot is NOT short for Potato. Under no circumstances should anyone refer to them as this delicious food or shout from the sideline “Go Potatos!”.

One of the Tanias from the Ukrainian Dyki Krali normally plays for a team in Bagdad and regularly has practice during extreme dust storms that normally keep regular dwellers of Iraq sealed into their homes. We’re thinking she’ll be the one to watch if our sunny Paga weather takes a turn for the worst.

In Mixed, Czech’s Yellow Fever had the upset of the day over the Arrrrr pirates. Ireland’s 23rd seed Binge nearly pulled off a move to the upper pools by beating Ah Ou Puc, but point differential with them and Sugar Mix favored the Germans by a single point, and so Sugar Mix and Ah Ou Puc advanced and Ireland was relegated. Disc-O-Fever seeded bottom of their pool at an unassuming 28th seed managed to rock the boat upsetting Shocker and Morning Glory to finish one below regulars Huck Finn. Their green and yellow jump suits are apparently the source of their power. The 13th seeded Lamantino Tonante embraced the spirit of Paganello far earlier that most plummeting down to the 29th position.

Tech Noir fought hard by overcoming a three-goal deficit to tie Flugsaurier at game point before a patient Austrian team worked the disc in effectively for the win. Both teams now face the defending champions Huck Finn in the upper pool.

The Russian Shadows surprised eight-seeded Hardfisch with a 12-18 win. Their women’s team Sharks also played well.

Myself and Steve have been hard it since we arrived and will be uploading the fruits of work so far tomorrow morning. Steve wrote this article I'm just posting it.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Blockstack at Paganello 2009

It's almost Easter and while many of you will be happily munching your way through your 4th chocolate egg, myself and Steve will be working to bring you all the best bits of the greatest show on sand. Paganello MMIX promises to be an event to remember. We'll be there every step of the way.

As you know Blockstack TV is the hottest ultimate internet TV show ever to rock your digital world. We make video podcasts about Ultimate.

This year Blockstack has a bigger crew, we've recruited the tallest camera girl we could find in the shape of the lovely Linz Wilkinson, and we're also going to be working with the legend that is Tony Leonardo. Tony is playing with the much fancied Boracay Dragons so we'll be sure to bring you the inside track on their progress through the tournament.

4 days of Ultimate, 4 nights of parties, and 4 podcasts to showcase all the action.

You can subscribe to Blockstack TV via iTunes, RSS or you can put our show player on your team's website. Visit our subscribe page for more information.

Lastly we really want to make sure we deliver what you want out of the show, if you have any ideas, requests or comments, please email