Wednesday, 30 September 2009

xEUCF on Blockstack

xEUCF was simply wonderful. Quote "The most civilised tournament ever seen in the UK". Sure the weather was a big part of that, back to back cloudless days tend to have a positive effect on the mood of a tournament. However, I'd argue that the logistics, volunteers, facilities, food, care and preparation that went into xEUCF had a bigger part to play.

The highlights were many, but the sight of the age old European rivals Clapham and Skogs squaring up in the fading sun and floodlights on Thursday evening, the sidelines thronged, the atmosphere electric, will remain a vivid memory.

Blockstack have produced two shows to cover the event, the first follows a single player, ex GB Junior Women's captain Anna Lisa Stone on her journey to the tournament. It was a departure from our conventional style of coverage for big tournaments, we're quite proud of the story we were able to tell, and we hope you enjoy it. Drop us a comment or email to let us know what you thought.

The first episode also has a few interviews and the two of us couching it up at one of the airport hotel bars, to bring you our take on the event.

The second episode is all action. Quarter finals, semi finals, and finals, interviews with all the teams involved, presentation footage, an interview with Si Hill, the tournament director, and some nutritional advice from our friends at Pulsin.

With both of us being so involved in the running of the actual tournament, and having such a large amount of editing to do we've slipped behind our usual prompt output schedule but we think it's worth it. ETA is PM Thursday 1st Oct.

Tom is now off on paternity leave for a while, but no doubt he'll return for more shows before too long. Here's hoping that starting a family goes as smoothly as the tournament did.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Episode 8 - EYUC and Copa Cabana

It's been a long wet summer in the UK and myself and Steve have not
done as much Blockstack stuff as we have in previous years, but we are
finishing with a bang.

Our latest episode covers:-
- European Youth Ultimate Championships, Steve's report and the
trailer from the official DVD. (Which is awesome)
- Report and Interviews from Copa Cabana 2009 plus news about the
plans for the 2010 tournament.
- Fundrazr, a new way to organise your teams money and payments.
- Our plans for XEUCF
- All wrapped up with our witty banter on the new lux leather couch.

We'll be doing two episodes from the eXtended European Ultimate
Championship Finals in London. So watch out for those next week.

Tom and Steve