Thursday, 12 July 2012

GB Open Progress to Semi's at WUGC - Watch Live

If you haven't been following the action in Japan (it has been quite hard) then you'll be pleased to hear that our GB Open team is doing rather well. They are currently awaiting a semi final on Friday morning against European rivals Sweden.

You can watch the game live at

The game was originally scheduled for 3am (11am Japan time) but had been moved forward to 1am (9am Japan time)

Why not stay up and join in the banter and chat at

Myself (@tomstyles) and Steve Giguere (@stevegiguere) will be staying up and keeping the social media hot. Please join us online for what could be an historic evening - GB in a worlds final.

If they do win tonight's semi, the final is 3pm on Saturday Japan time which is 7am Saturday morning UK time. Keep up. 

Other Divisions

GB Women are in the 5-8 bracket and face Germany, then either New Zealand or Australia in their last games.
GB Mixed team are in the 5-8 bracket and face France, then either Philippines or Germany in their last games.
GB Open Masters team beat France to take 5th place after struggling in the group stages against the big guns of USA, Canada, Japan, and the Aussies
GB Women's Masters team face Germany in their final 5-6 placement game. 

Cheers for now

Tom Styles

Blockstack TV (department of just checking photos and stats)

Please forward  so we can get some support for the team online tonight.

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